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  1. Well generally speaking you could use saturation on most anything. However that does not necessarily mean that you should. Some sounds do really great with added distortion where with others the added distortion sounds horrible. Really the best way to tell is to listen with your ears as it really depends on the plugin used, sound used and the end result that you are shooting for.
  2. Use the Free Softube Saturation Knob to fatten up bass lines, add some harmonics and shimmer to vocals, or simply destroy your drum loop. Adjust to taste and dial in anything from subtle harmonic overdrive to blown-out distortion.
  3. Jul 21,  · A saturator is an audio effect that applies non-linear compression and distortion to its input audio signal. Saturation can occur through various different means, but it's common for music producers to use tape saturators to apply saturation to their songs.
  4. Saturation is an often misunderstood process, sometimes written off as basic distortion effect, too subtle for most uses. While this isn’t entirely inaccurate, saturation has a lot to offer and can impart a true analog flavor on our mixes if used correctly.
  5. Saturation is one of the most misunderstood and underused plugins in mixing – it adds warmth, punch and depth to your mix, and can give it a high quality, “expensive”- sounding sheen.
  6. Auto Saturator, AST, is a computer controlled saturator for unattended saturation of multiple plug samples or full diameter samples up to 12 inches in length. An onboard vacuum system allows for programmed vacuum, fill with pressurization and de-pressurization cycles. Short and long cycle vacuum cycles of 4 or 12 hours are available.
  7. The free plug-in Saturation Knob is a modeled output distortion that can be used anywhere you need some grit.. Use it to fatten up bass lines, add some harmonics and shimmer to vocals, or simply destroy your drum loop.
  8. Jul 26,  · Features - 4/5: Saturator X doesn’t offer too many features outside of its intended purpose of saturation, but it does offer a few, such as a handy brickwall limiter that can be engaged to keep the audio from clipping digitally and some oversampling options, if the user wishes to engage them. Besides those, it entirely focuses on saturation.

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