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  1. Moore mentioned that the verse was based on a Russian original, but all attempts to find the original failed. One hypothesis put forward in traced the source of the song to George the Hagiorite, an Orthodox monk and writer of the 11th century from the Iviron monastery on Mount Athos).Soviet researchers tried to prove the link, but found no traces of such a song.
  2. Contributions: translations, 2 transliterations, thanks received, translation requests fulfilled for members, 37 transcription requests fulfilled, added 22 idioms, explained 38 idioms, left comments.
  3. Übersetzung des Liedes „Вечерний звон (Vecherniy zvon)“ (Helmut Lotti) von Russisch nach Deutsch.
  4. Vechernyy zvon. Vecherniy zvon (bom-bom) Vecherniy zvon (bom-bom) Kak mnogo dum (bom-bom) Navodit on! (bom-bom) O yunykh dnyakh (bom-bom) V krayu rodnom (bom-bom) Gde ya lyubil (bom-bom) Gde otchiy dom (bom-bom) I kak ya s nim (bom-bom) Na vek prostyas' (bom-bom) Tam slyshal zvon (bom-bom) V posledniy raz (bom-bom). [report.
  5. «O Abendglocken, Abendhall» – немецкий вариант, «Campanas de Atardecer» – испанский. На стихотворение Козлова были сочинены песни другими композиторами, из них интересны А. Гречанинов ( год, Калуга, год.
  6. Evening Bells "Evening bells" is a brilliant translation into Russian of the poem "Those Evening Bells" of Thomas Moore. Along with Dark Eyes, Odnozuchno gremit kolokolcik, and Those Were the Days this is is one of the most popular Russian folk songs in foreign audiences.. The author of the translation into Russian was a Russian poet, contemporary of Alexander Pushkin, Ivan .
  7. Sep 11,  · Directed by Vladimir Khotinenko, Aleksandr Svetlov. With Aleksandr Baluev, Evgeniy Mironov, Evgeniy Steblov, Sergey Fetisov. A film producer reminisces about his boyhood years shortly after World War II.
  8. Zvony, zvonky a zvoničky za nízkou cenu. Vyberte si u nás hned z několika zvonů a zvonků. Prodáváme velké zvony i malé zvonky.U každého produktu si můžete poslechnout jak zní, a proto si můžete být jistí, že budete kupovat takový zvonek, který opravdu chcete.
  9. かれ自身 求めていた 無門の門を さまよえる湖が 漿液を浸して 楼蘭の祈りを 朝露に映す 陽が至点に向かう 回鶻(ウィグル)のかなた はるかな灼熱のみちを 海市が逃げる 帚木が枯れる おお シャカムニ セソンが枯れる かれは みらあじゅの消えたとき みらあじゅを見たのだ 砂の海を航く.

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